10 ways to make extra money online – Part 1

Welcome back to my site,

I am going to post the following weeks a series of short posts about how to make money online in 2016! Many of you guys emailed me, how i make some easy cash on the web?! Today i will publish the first sneak preview on the tools and sites i use to make money online! Lets start with the first one.

1) Research your Keywords carefully!

There are hundreds of keyword tools out there. At first it was hard, because i had to learn so much about keywords research and SEO. But after some weeks, i build a solid base of understanding the basics and tried some techniques to make some cash online. I wrote a few blog posts in my PBN and I tried to rank well in Google. I did some research with Google’s Keywords-Planner but i didn’t like it that much. A friend told me about the Long Tail Pro: Keyword Research Software. I got a trial copy and used it for the next weeks. I really liked it on the first sight! So what can this software do for me? Lets have a look:

  • Save Hours of Keyword Research Time
  • Generate Thousands Of Keywords At Once
  • Filter Automatically
  • Find Exact Match Domains In Seconds

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